Our Story

Pro Windows was founded by Peter Karabelas Sr. in 1962. The story began when Peter had started up his first factory on Queen St, Toronto. The company had started as ‘Peter’s Aluminum,’ - a manufacturer of aluminum windows and storm doors. With just a few employees, Peter was able to establish a reputable name; a name the people could trust for valuable products and services. It was not long before his son, Peter, had joined him in making products at a young age; knowing he wanted to be apart of not just a company, but a family.

in 1979 Peter Sr’s son, Peter, had taken over the company and became the newly ‘Pro Windows’ company. During the late 70s began a revolution for the window and door industry - aluminum was on its way out and vinyl was on its way in. Vinyl windows and doors became the new product due to their minimal heat transfer and insulation. As the company was no longer associated with aluminum products, the company changed its name to a brand that still promised quality goods and services. In 2000 Peter had relocated the company to Vaughan to continue their legacy. Today, Pro Windows has kept that legacy by reputation and promises - assuring quality products and service for the people.